White Ball (Ad Libs)

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White Ball (Ad Libs)
Written by n/a
Appears on Hawaii: Part II: Part ii
Sung by n/a
Genre n/a
Language English

This track is a vocal outtake for White Ball featuring Zubin, Ross (?), Joe, and Stephanie Koenig. It is the 21st track off Hawaii: Part II: Part ii.


ZUBIN: Yo. This is a Joe Hawley Production. F***, I missed my introduction from that.

STEPHANIE: (laughing) Swearing! Um...

ZUBIN: Lemme say that again. It's so disjointed that I'm not gonna get into a flow or anything... It sounded so 
genuine. White ball— that's not— that's just the title! (laughing)

ROSS: (laughing) We probably should—

JOE: What.

ROSS: We probably should, like, include all of what you're saying— "I'm not gonna get into a flow or anything"—

ZUBIN: Also, I panicked and just read the first words that were on there! (laughing)