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{{Infobox song
{{Infobox song
  |title = You
  |title = You
|albumart = GOOD-EVIL_COVER.png
  |writer = Andrew Horowitz
  |writer = Andrew Horowitz
  |singer = Andrew Horowitz
  |singer = [[Andrew Horowitz]]
  |album = [[Good & Evil]]
  |album = [[Good & Evil]]
  |language = English
  |language = English

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Written by Andrew Horowitz
Appears on Good & Evil
Sung by Andrew Horowitz
Genre Blues
Language English

You is a song by Andrew Horowitz. It appeared first in Tally Hall's March 2010 tour, but without a bootleg recording, and because it was only performed once, it was only rumored to be on Good & Evil. The song was confirmed when the tracklisting (and samples) were posted on Amazon.com.


it's never fair to say i never care about
anything 'cause i always care about you

it doesn't seem like there's anything happening
nothing ever seems happening without you

it never seems like i'm all alone when now
everywhere that i search about is for you

there's always something that's worth believing in
keep uncovering more at the thought it's for you

in the warm sun
past the winter
here and ever hear forever

in the motion
frozen quiet
still it's spoken heart unbroken

clouds before us
unknown waters
greater spaces hold no hiding

far and near to
change or constant
i'll still wait and do it all for