Zubin Sedghi

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Zubin Sedghi
Current member of Tally Hall
Date of Birth: September 16, 1984
Hometown: Bloomfield, MI
Current resident of: Brooklyn, NY


In an old bio, it is written:

Mr. Zubin Sedghi ("Zubin" to friends) is precisely 5'11" and weighs 133.5 pounds. His eyes and his hairs are brown. His teeth are orthodontically corrected. He has two sisters, two parents, a dog, a fish, and an oxford comma. Mr. Zubin Sedghi is of persian descent, and suffers from no major food-borne allergies. His right arm is home to 18 freckles; his belly button is an "innie." In addition to being right-handed from birth, Mr. Zubin Sedghi has always shown a proclivity toward dressing in clothing and speaking the English language. Mr. Zubin Sedghi participated in the sport of discus throwing during his senior year at Andover High School with very little success.

While attending Andover High School, he was in a band called listedBlack with current Tally Hall band mate, Rob Cantor.

On the 2006 website, Zubin's bio read thusly...

Fun Facts

  • Zubin does not, in fact, have a middle name.


The following is an alphabetical compilation of the Tally Hall songs Zubin Sedghi has written or helped to write: