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Boralogues are video journals made by Bora Karaca, chronicling different moments in the career of Tally Hall. There are currently 7.

March 2008 Tour

Boralogue I

Day 3: Los Angeles

Boralogue II

Day 7: Portland, Day 8: Seattle, Day 10: Provo, Day 12: Denver

Boralogue III

SXSW '08

Boralogue IV

Day 20: Tulsa, Day 21: St. Louis, Day 23: Chicago, April 1st (Homecoming)

Recording Album #2

Boralogue V

Week 1 Rehearsal (October 19th through 25th) Songs worked on: You And Me, and 1 unknown song.

Studio Day 1 (October 26th) Songs worked on: Never Meant To Know, Sacred Beast, and 2 unknown songs.

Boralogue VI

Studio Day 2 (October 27th) Songs worked on: Sacred Beast, Never Meant To Know, and 2 unknown songs, one of which was by Joe Hawley.

Boralogue VII

Studio Day 6 (November 2nd) Songs worked on: Sacred Beast, You And Me, and 1 unknown song (potentially The Gap).

Studio Day 10 (November 6th) Songs worked on: Hymn For A Scarecrow.