Welcome to (HITS). The Ultimate Tally Hall Fan Headquarters!
Or, at least it was for almost 10 years, until I shut it down.

Hi, I'm Coz.  I started HITS in April, 2006. It was a place for fans of Tally Hall to contribute to a community. Fans of Tally Hall had a place to write up their concert reviews, editorials, submit fan art, photos, videos, and communicate with other fans.

For 9 years, it was all in one place, as intended. A "one-stop shop" for everything you needed to know about Tally Hall.

The fans of Tally Hall have changed, though. And that's not a bad thing. The core community have mostly all let their love for Tally Hall simmering on the backburner, stirring it once in a while for the sake of nostalgia. Again, not a bad thing.  But there's simultaneously been an entirely new generation of fans discovering the band over the last couple years. It would be wonderful, except…

The landscape of the internet has changed. Internet culture has changed as a younger generation inhabits it.  For one thing, it's all about "The Stream". Younger users do not have a need for a single website dedicated to a single band. They have become more enclosed in The Stream to appreciate what's outside of it. The community of Tally Hall fans HITS once had was strong. There was no divisiveness; no competition, no selfishness.

No longer does it appear there is a sense of appreciation for the years of hard work that I and many others put into building HITS. The content therein has been raped and pillaged long enough, without even a source attributed, and spread out into The Stream.  In fact, many newer fans of Tally Hall are led to believe most of what's been rehashed lately is "new", when in fact, most are things that have been sitting within HITS for many years.  But people don't care to go to a website anymore. If it's not in their stream, it doesn't exist.

Indeed, the content we put together has laid stagnant, since the band is inactive. I liken it to a museum, still with open doors, but collecting dust. But rather than pointing people in the direction of the museum, it's relics have all been taken. The foundation and bricks have been taken, one piece at a time, and thrown into The Stream; sometimes even with an attempt to re-build some sort of structure using our sweat and our bricks & mortar.

This is the main reason I've decided to shut down the website. Simply said, there's a complete lack of respect for what we've done. Though it's too late to save the majority of the community's content, at least I can make an attempt to not look like I'm just letting it happen anymore.

Furthermore, I just don't understand the new generation of fans. It's an age thing, for sure. I'm 35 years old. I can't be expected to relate to an audience that falls mainly between 12 and 20. But I never expected there to be a generation gap in relation to celebrating a fantastic band.  Oohhhh but there is.  There is a level of obsession expressed in social media that, to me, seems wildly unhealthy. "Fandom" to the core. I'm uncomfortable witnessing it. It makes me uneasy. It makes ME not want to be a part of it anymore.

Through my personal dedication to celebrating the band, I've been lucky enough to develop somewhat personal friendships with the guys. They let me behind the curtain on a number of occasions and I will always treasure that. I will always enjoy looking through my collection of Tally Hall memorabilia, including my prized "#1 Tally Hall Fan" trophy.

This site was, of course, never about me. But I gained a lot from it. It gave me purpose. To an albeit small portion of people, I was important. But that's gone.  For now, at least.

So that's where I'm at.
But then this happened:

A purposefully malicious takedown strike against the HITS YouTube account by Joe, who previously had expressly given me permission to share old demos at my discretion. And my heart, in this matter, was broken.

There is so much you guys don't know. So much you don't need to know.  But you should at least know that what you don't know could fill up an entirely new website.

So, what happens if they become active again as a band?

I don't know. I'll make a decision if/when the time comes.  Maybe I'll put everything back up. Maybe only a portion of it.

What about HITS' Streams?

I'll keep the Facebook and Twitter going for sharing news and stuff. Tumblr is probably not going to get used much, if at all. That's a world I do not belong in, nor do I want to.