Bowling Green 04.19.06 — by Maia

1845 hours — leave dorm

1900 hours — arrive at bank

1905 hours — arrive at little caesar’s, get pizza/crazy bread/lemon water

1915 hours — leave little caesar’s

1930 hours — get on highway from ann arbor

2000 hours — arrive at dolly’s house, get money

2005 hours — leave dolly’s house with money and (coincidentally) bananas (no one realizes irony of bananas until half way through concert)

2115 hours — arrive in bowling green, park car, walk towards entrance to howard’s club h, see rob coming in, discuss driving from ann arbor to bowling green for concert

2120 hours — get inside club, hit up pool tables. play until quarters run out (after two games) and display abissmal pool “talents”

2245 hours — opening act begins

2335 hours — opening act finally ends

2345 hours — tallies take stage for set change/sound check

0000 hours — tally hall finally starts (an hour late…) with “why don’t we do it in the road” (beatles cover), welcome to tally hall, greener, haiku, the bidding, two wuv, be born, just apathy, banana man, ruler of everything, blinded by the light (manfred mann cover), the whole world and you, just a friend (with special third verse)

0045 hours — tally hall finishes set

0050 hours — talk to rob about a special haiku, “haiku” meter, coming down from ann arbor

0055 hours — get zubin and ross to finally sign shirt (after 3 months…), pictures with rob

0100 hours — leave howard’s club h, head home

0225 hours — arrive in ann arbor

successful trip to bowling green!
note: times and set list approximate


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