WFMU’s Late Night Radio Performance

In the evening hours of yesterday, it was announced Tally Hall would be in the studio, playing live, at WFMU in New York/New Jersey 91.1FM. Luckily, a bunch of us fans were able to meet up in the HITS chatroom and chat while the band played a set of original music. The chat was fun and I hope everyone gathers up there again for the Late Late Show appearance.

The studio allowed us to call in and leave little messages for the band. In between songs, the band would read off the hellos they’ve received. Justin was ecstatic that Rob and Joe knew his last name. Oliver got his hello in and Joe sarcastically denied knowing an Oliver. Jennie and Joanne got a hello in return, along with Jennie’s world famous hat and a “damn skippy”. I, myself, got in a hello to them from “hidden in the sand” which Joe replied to with something to the extent of “I guess that means which we have no idea what that is.” Tavia also now knows that the band received the get-well cards but not all of them had the chance to see them yet. The audio was captured by a couple people but is currently available for download from this thread | (NEW LINK) thanks to forum member, Spoon. Hopefully I will be able to grab that soon and host it here too.

If you’re even thinking about not listening to this, you should know that the band played 2 of their newest songs (not found on any LPs or EPs) so, now you have to listen. To listen to individual tracks, Spoon separated them up and are located here.

Be here on August 2nd for another fan gathering while the band appears on The Late Late Show!

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