HITS 2 has Finally Launched

After a few months of redesigning, tweaking, and a bunch of other various wrenches that needed to be taken out of the gears, The ALL NEW Hidden In The Sand version 2.0 is here!

Please take a look around and get a feel for the new look and learn about all the ways you can be a part of the HITS community.

For starters, why don’t you express your opinions in the HITS Forums?

Oh – and with the launch of the new site, HITS is also spreading all around the web. Did you know HITS already has it’s own YouTube Channel? (link)
Now, HITS has a Myspace! (link)
And a Facebook Page! (link)

HITS 2 is all about bringing together the community of Tally Hall fans and being The Grand Central Station for all things related to YOU and Tally Hall.

Stole a pic of yourself giving Rob & Ross a purple nurple? Send it to The HITS Galleries! Your custom-made avatars & wallpapers can be sent there, too.

Got a story to tell about your first Tally Hall concert and how Andrew accidentally spit on your shirt? Or how Zubin thought your sister was a monkey and started to groom her head? Post it in the Groupie Journals!

Wanna chat with Mr. Moon? Go into the HITS Chatroom!

Curious about Joe’s shoe size? It’s in the FAQ!

Wondering what other good music is out there? Listen to the HITS PICKS AmazonMP3 Player on the sidebar. Or check out some hand-picked music and DVDs that I’ve put into the HITS PICKS aStore. (I’m always open to suggestions of what else to put in there, too)

Wanna stop reading this drivel? Click on one of those links above!


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