Andrew Horowitz Talks John Legend and Tally Hall Updates

DSC_0411edIn an interview with Mlive, a Michigan-centric online news media site, Andrew Horowitz talks about how he came to be associated with John Legend’s Grammy-nominated new album, “Love In The Future.”  It’s an interesting peek behind the scenes and gives us some insight as to what Andrew’s been up to lately.

But the interview is capped off with the most notable update on Tally Hall we’ve heard in years.

“There have been talks of a new record for a long time,” said Horowitz. “We’ve got a ton of material in the vault, lots of new tunes, but we’re all doing our own thing now. Rob (Cantor) has a solo record coming out this year, and I worked on couple of tracks for that. Joe (Hawley) is in a writing phase for some potential Tally Hall tunes. So it’s on our minds, but everybody’s going their own way for the moment.”

You might have caught a couple mentions I’ve made on the HITS Facebook page about Rob working on a new album.  This is due soon.  In fact, Rick Lax just posted a little behind-the-scenes look at a music video that’s being filmed for one of the tracks on Rob’s upcoming album.

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