rent the van at 8
pick up holly
pick up david
pick up TJ
stop at michaels for acryllic paints
(you’ll find out later why)
stop at gas station for food/drinks
head out
drive down
take pictures
arrive in Boston
begin at Fanieul Hall
find dad
find dad again
find dad again
head to boston commons
end at starbucks
dad joins us at starbucks
presents an “early birthday present”
Che Guevara tee
head back to van parked on state street
collect tickets+paint left in car
head to T station
take T the wrong way for two stops
change directions
arrive at Fenway
find the Axis
see the van
look down the alley
see Puffy AmiYumi puffing away on cigs
sneak a picture
take pictures with the van
lick finger and write “I’m back! THTOS” on back of van
dirty van
See ross walking to van
talk with him for 10 or so minutes
whilst talking to ross
I see rob walking out of Puffing Puffy alley
observe his talking on the phone
say, loudly, “ROBERT CANTOR”
he looks over
smiles and waves
“Hey! I’m talking on the phone but I’ll come over once I’m done”
we finish talking to ross
he gets a few things inside the van
ross is walking back inside
I wave
he waves
dad announces that parking is cheaper around fenway than at state street
heads off to state street to fetch the van
friends declare hunger
I declare my lack of hunger
decide to stay and let them abandon me
I hold place in line
they begin to head out
go to a street corner far off to my left
come back
I give them the acryllic paints
they venture off in the direction of my right
I sit on a Y-shaped water pipe extending from the wall
call Liz
so if anything happens (bad things, specifically) I have a witness
rob wanders out of another alley farther down the street
still on phone
I am on phone as well
he comes over
“I’m still on the phone but I need a hug”
he goes into Puffing Puffy alley
about 10 or so minutes later
the entire band comes out
about ready to find something to eat
we hide from the rain under the overhang
Joe, Zubin, and Rob (I mean, Jennie) talked to Liz on the phone
Zubin asked her what color her hair was and how many shoes she was wearing
it prompted me to ask, “what are you wearing?”
Rob did an impression of me
high pitched
inaccurate for the most part
but hilarious
probably more hilarious to see rob’s face while he was talking on the phone
I don’t remember what Joe said
I’ll ask Liz
I talked to Zubin
told him the puffing puffy joke
he laughed
high pitched laugh, too
a quick chuckle
I talk to Rob
Zubin walks behind Rob and hides
peeks out while Rob and I are talking
distracting me with his adorability
so cute
oh my goodness
so cute
Rob then notices Zubin
is slightly surprised
“but it’s just Zubin”
I talked to the others in addition
Andrew and I are phone buddies
I tell them all about how my friends and family left me to fend for myself in Boston
friends went to eat
“Actually, do you know where they went? We’re looking for somewhere to eat,” said Zubin
I didn’t know
they gathered umbrellas (a petty matter there was almost not enough time for)
began to head out
Joe was on the phone with his mom
I told him to tell her I said hello
“Jennie says hello”
I laugh
“hello” she said
I am left alone once again
talk to Liz on the phone for quite a while
I see Andrew and Rob returning
they take the entrance where concert attendees enter, therefore not passing by me
Ross, if I’m not mistaken, takes that way
I see Joe approaching
walking back from getting food
I lose concern about the pouring rain
walk out onto the sidewalk
he begins
“I’m singing in the rain”
I join
“just singing in the rain”
he tips his umbrella so it’s no longer sheilding him
“what a glorious feeling”
continues on walking
“I’m happy again”
people in line laugh
Joe goes off into the Puffy Ami Alley
I get back in line
surprisingly wet from a brief five or so seconds
Zubin and Andrew’s brother, Steve, walk past heading for the alley
I display my soakèdness from “only 5 seconds out there!”
Zubin displays his back (which is thouroughly soaked) from “everything”
I sit on the water pipe
talk to Liz
MUCH later, am re-accompanied by my friends
I observe TJ’s painted chest, saying “BORA” and David’s lack of intelligible message on his
we continue to wait in line
I spit on Holly’s back (ahahahahahahhaha)
Liz joins us 10 or so minutes before doors open
we kiss the tickets we’ll be using to get in
doors open
we enter
we stand right in front
the band is checking sound and sound checking
“We’re doing sound check- don’t tell anyone. It’s kind of on the DL,” said Joe
“Very hush hush,” said I
“Yes, it’s on the hush hush,” said Joe
Joe plays Zelda on the guitar for TJ
TJ is amazed
I said something punny, can’t remember what
Holly and I determine that Rob is the winner of the award
“Do you think he knows that? Do you think–Rob, you win the award. You just need to know that,” said I
“The award? Thanks” said Rob
“What exactly does this award pertain to?” asked Joe
“You’ll find out later,” said I (however, holly and I determined “later” meant “never”)
sound checking and checking of sound was complete, but there was much more time before the concert began
they stood still
expressionless for 28 minutes
Joe didn’t blink for 5 minutes
I was very concerned
he couldn’t see
he cries
it’s unhealthy to do that
when he blinks all of the THTOSers and others cheer
Joe enjoys a few good long blinks
later goes over, stands behind Zubin
makes an incredibly strange yet hilarious face
taps Zubin’s shoulder
Zubin looks at Joe
who smiles
points off into distance
Zubin looks off
Joe makes face again
Zubin turns to Joe
who smiles again
Zubin walks to Rob and repeats this process
more expressionless standing
the concert begins
a set of a few songs from MMMM
Turn the Lights Off (which they almost didn’t play)
Just a Friend
their opening set is done
as they pack up,
David, Liz, and I harmonize cheer for them
Tally Haaaaaaaaaaaaaal
Tally Haaaaaaaaaaaaaal
Tally Haaaaaaaaaaaaaal (I sounded rather flamboyant with my note)
Joe gives a surprised look followed by a look of recognition
Zubin gives quite the face of surprise
ThePhantomMilk from the forums finds me
say hellos etc
my friends and I let better Puffy AmiYumi fans fill our spots
we go to the merch table
I introduce myself to Steve and we talk for a brief moment
he says, “well, I have to take care of these people right now, but if you want to wait until I’m done we can talk more”
I point out to him that the people currently surrounding the table are with me
Holly purchases MMMM and an orange Don’t Not Shirt and gets the last sticker for free
David purchases a blue Don’t Not Shirt
TJ purchases a Shirt Shirt
Liz purchases a blue Don’t Not Shirt
I purchase my fourth shirt, my only real option to avoid repeats, a blue Don’t Not Shirt
we use the restrooms and put on our new shirts
watch Puffy AmiYumi from a higher level in the venue
Holly reminds me I can go back to talk to Steve
I do
we converse for quite a long while about NYU (where he and my sister will be graduating the same year), the trip, and the Knitting Factory
he points out where the band is
thanks and parting handshakes
my friends wave to him
he waves back
we go over to where the band is
talk to Joe for a while
shows Liz the secret handshake
asks me if I know it
“I have a feeling”
he tests me
I succeed
David finds a newspaper ad clipping on the floor
about improving an inappropriate matter for discussion here
Andrew, Rob, and Ross sign it
Zubin has a field day with it
a lot
I tell Zubin, “I think he’s into some weird stuff”
a lot
we talk to Zubin for quite a long time
he’s the first member of the band to accept my “thank you for playing” with a “you’re welcome” that I can remember
later, Liz and I are facing each other, doing a little swoop head to the side dance
my back is to the stage and others who are watching
Liz tells me Zubin was watching us for a litte while
we go back to Joe to get him to sign miscellaneous items for my friends
including the “sexplorations” advertisement
I whisper to Joe, “He’s pretty desparate”
Joe looks to David,
“I don’t exactly roll that way, sorry”
they laugh, not knowing what was said to cause that reaction
we discuss Bora, his characteristics, and his moving to L.A. in September
I tell TJ, standing to Joe’s left, “show him your Bora”
Joe is looking to his right
TJ flashes Joe
Joe is quite shocked when he sees BORA on TJ’s chest
“I wasn’t expecting that at all”
Joe demonstrates how to say “I don’t speak Japanese” in Japanese
learns how to say “stupid” in Japanese
later must join the other band members upstairs despite his desire to watch Puffy AmiYumi
we return to watch the rest of the concert
dance a lot
an encore takes place
the concert ends
the venue empties
we head down to a lower level of the venue to sit and relax
TJ reminds me “we have to get a group photo!”
I tell Andrew
we gather others
I whisper loudly to Rob, “group photo”
to which he replies, “group photo”
to which I reply “group photo”
to which he replies, “group photo”
Ross wonders where we can fit all of us to take such a picture
I hand the camera to my dad
we all begin to gather
we’re missing Joe
(my father unknowingly records video for a few seconds)
all ready for the picture to be taken, my father clicks the shutter button on the camera
“How do you work this thing?”
(video for a few seconds)
another attempt at taking a picture
“Watch that you’ve just been recording video this whole time,” says Zubin
“video?” my father asks
(recording for a few seconds)
he hands me the camera
“You actually are recording video right now”
I set the camera in picture taking mode
we get two group photos
security begins to appear agitated
wants us out
“Now one with silly faces!” says Zubin
He begins to give a handshake to David which turns into this strange, bringing your hand up in the air type thing
uses that with TJ, Liz, and Holly
I expect the same
he takes ours to the floor
“mixing it up!” I say in reaction
Rob and I do what I call a “ghetto hug”
he says, “that was like a man hug!”
we work the after-hug into an arm wave of his and my arm
security, by now, is severely annoyed
but first Joe teaches the secret handshake to TJ and advises us (Liz, TJ, and I) to spread it everywhere
hugs and good-byes
we leave.


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